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REAL-TIME GPS Solar Trailer Tracking Unit (STT)


How much revenue and profit is lost due to lost, stolen, or misplaced trailers or nonpowered equipment each year? Drivers regularly leave trailers and equipment at businesses for months on end. Keeping track of the trailers and equi pment can be made simple with ruggedized, weather tight solar GPS units that transmit a virtually REAL-TIME message to an owner or manager on the location of their trailer or equipment. GPS gives you the power to locate a fleet of trailers or non-powered equipment throughout North America at any time. This power will allow you to minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen or abandoned trailers and equipment and their cargo.

  • Increase rentals and leases: Rent and lease your trailer to customers who you previously were not wanting to rent or lease to because you were unable to trust the customer with your trailer.
  • Increase profit and revenue:  Increased usage,  rentals and leases equals bottom line profits!
  • Verify trailer utilization: You have a need for a trailer for a cargo transport but the trailer is currently out of the yard. Or is it? Looking at your GPS report will let you know if the trailer is being utilized or if it is idle.
  • Decrease  downtime: A trailer is at a  site for a longer than expected time. Employees are unaware that it has come time to pick up the trailer and now it is not available for use.
  • Know where your trailer goes: Once your trailer is rented or in use, see where it is going and how long it is being used.
  • Recover lost, stolen or abandoned trailers: With GPS installed on your trailer, know where your trailer is and where it goes.
  • Solar powered: No re-charging or buying batteries.
  • Monitor trailers that are in use: Unit is easily moved from one trailer to another.
  • Control the whereabouts of your equipment: Create zone or regional constraints that generate alerts. 
  • Get alerts fast: Alerts available by email or fax.

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