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Vehicle Tracking System
Low Price of $ 279.99


Confirm your suspicions! Want to know the whereabouts of your employees, teenagers, husband or wife? The TravelEyes2 is designed to be concealed inside of the vehicle, allowing you to record the complete travel activities of your vehicle... anywhere... anytime. Why engage in the dangerous practice of following a vehicle when you can quickly and easily let the TravelEyes2 do the work for you.

Automatically keep track of your vehicle including it's location, stops, length of stop, miles driven, speed, and more.  TravelEyes2 is the most cost effective GPS tracking system on the market!

The TravelEyes2 is a powerful vehicle tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology developed by the Department of Defense. With amazing accuracy, it produces comprehensive reports on all travel activity and gathers miles driven on a daily basis.

Ever wish you had a tool that could prove your suspicions were valid?  Next time you sense suspicious activity with your vehicle, make sure TravelEyes2 goes along for the ride. TravelEyes2 can track a vehicle to the nearest address, names of streets traveled, tell how long the vehicle remained at any given destination, speed of vehicle and provide details of suspicious vehicle activities.


Family Tracking

Confirm your suspicions! Want to know the whereabouts of your teenager or spouse?  Track the vehicle of your spouse, teen, wife, husband or significant other!

Does your teenager have a poor driving history? Does he/she hang out with the wrong crowd. Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you don't want them to see? Track your teen and confirm where they go, how long they were there and monitor their speeding habits (how fast were they driving). Put a stop to undesired activity before its too late. Don't be fooled or naive. Track your teenager and have piece of mind by helping your child stay on the right track.

How about your spouse. Do they leave for work early or come home late? Where do they go for lunch? Why did they get home late from their activity? If they are at home while your at work, is there a reason they don't answer the phone all day? Where are they going? With the TravelEyes2 you can track your wife or husband with confidence, and confirm where they go!

Tracking for Business Owners

(ex: Smaller service and delivery companies, owner operated businesses, independent lawn care and landscaping company or any company wanting to track up to a couple vehicles)...

Monitor Employees: Increase service calls, deliveries and sales representative productivity. Control fleet maintenance and fuel expenses by traveling the most direct route. Minimize additional payroll expenses or even worse unnecessary overtime costs, because your employees are not in any hurry to return to the office. Control unnecessary stops, confirm delivery times, confirm sales meetings were held. You will be amazed at how much faster your employees return from job sites or deliveries. Spot check employee performance and move the unit from 1 vehicle to another.

Record Keeping: TravelEyes2 is a fabulous record keeping tool for business owners, independent contractors and individuals who need support to document their taxes, mileage and billing time.  The unit automatically gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains hourly billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all travel activities - ideal for the busy executive who dislikes wasting time doing paperwork.

Volunteers, Sales Reps, Independent Consultants

Eliminate the time-consuming task of manually completing mileage logs by letting TravelEyes2 do the work for you. The tiny receiver automatically records miles driven, destinations, and other travel data -- even identifying tax-deductible mileage for medical or charitable activities. The data is easily downloaded to your computer, providing comprehensive reports for mileage reimbursement or mileage tax deductions. The unit automatically gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains hourly billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all travel activities. You have accurate mileage logs to turn in for reimbursement or tax purposes.

Some of the biggest headaches for bookkeepers, CPA's and personnel managing traveling employees or clients is trying to track down missing data and verify hand-written information for tax deductions and accounting purposes. Executives and traveling professionals can automatically track their tax deductible mileage and provide reports to you in an electronic format to simplify accounting or make year-end tax returns easier to file.
Want to know the best travel route?

Any type of travel can be simplified with fast and accurate travel directions from the TravelEyes2 trip planning feature. Supply the destination address, zip code and city information and the system will draw the route on a map, highlight it and provide directions you can print out before leaving your home or office. Additionally, when plugged into a laptop, it becomes an on-board navigation device in real time, displaying planned destination routes and current location. No more missed meetings from a wrong turn or time wasted stopping for directions.

TravelEyes2 automatically tracks all travel, eliminating the need for manual travel logs and paperwork. When you consider that you can spend as much as an hour a day on time and travel sheets, that can save you at least a 100 hours a year. Time better spent on production or your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day we are asked questions such as "What is GPS?", "How does it work?", "How would this product work for me?" - and many more. The following questions and answers are intended to help you gain a basic understanding of how our personal vehicle tracking product can help monitor travel activities, or help keep track of mileage and billing hours for small businesses or individuals.

1)  What is GPS?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed of 24 orbiting satellites and their ground stations. Launched and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense, these satellites send a stream of signals to the earth's surface enabling a GPS receiver to calculate accurate positions within about 10 feet or less. The technology is becoming accessible to virtually everyone, allowing boaters, hikers, truckers, and even farmers to pinpoint their location anywhere in the world. Using that technology, TravelEyes2® helps you gain control of your travel records and time

2)  How does TravelEyes2® work?
TravelEyes2® plugs into the cigarette lighter or is hidden inside the vehicle and records the complete travel route of the driver. When the vehicle returns home, the TravelEyes2® unit is removed from the vehicle and downloaded into the computer for viewing. Maps of your town, complete with streets, are built into TravelEyes2® software, conveniently allowing you to record the entire travel route of the vehicle. Along with other information, travel data includes the address of each stop, mileage and the speed of the vehicle throughout the route. All travel data is displayed on your computer screen or if preferred, printed out. Learn More...

3)  How TravelEyes2® can help you?
TravelEyes2® improve your family's safety, save up to 100 hours per year on paperwork and eliminate the headaches of missing mileage logs. Learn More...

4)  In what form does TravelEyes2® provide the travel information?
Once downloaded to your computer, TravelEyes® software reveals the complete route of the vehicle by displaying it on-screen, or it may be printed out in the form of detailed maps complete with street names, destinations and other travel activities - including speed of the vehicle.

5)  How does TravelEyes2® indicate speed of the vehicle?
TravelEyes® software mapping shows the speed of each vehicle by color-coding the travel route. Each color corresponds to a different speed as indicated by a legend.
6)  Are there any monthly fees involved?
There are no monthly fees for TravelEyes2® because acquiring the GPS signal is free. The only cost is the unit itself.

7)  Is TravelEyes2® difficult to install?
No, you simply install the software, plug the unit into your car's cigarette lighter, place the tiny antenna box on your dashboard and drive.

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