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Asset Tracking

How much revenue is lost due to lost, stolen, vandalized or improperly maintained equipment each year? Contractors regularly leave heavy equipment at construction sites for months on end. Keeping track of this equipment can be made simple with rugged, weather-tight GPS units that transmit a virtually REAL-TIME message to an owner or manager if the equipment leaves the construction site or if it is used off hours. Units can also be setup to report in the equipment engine hours every week, greatly facilitating routine service scheduling. We will also give you the power to locate and disable any equipment in your fleet throughout North America at any time. This power will allow you to minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen or abandoned equipment.

Recover lost, stolen or abandoned equipment: With GPS installed in your equipment, know where your equipment is and where it goes

Increase rentals and leases: Rent and lease to customers who you previously did not want to rent or lease to because of poor credit or being unable to trust the customer with your equipment.

Increase profit and revenue: Increased rentals and leases and reduced downtime and maintenance equals bottom line profits!

Verify equipment utilization: You have a need for a piece of equipment at one job site, but the equipment is currently being used at another job site. Or is it? Looking at your GPS report will let you know if the equipment is being utilized or if it is idle.

Decrease maintenance costs and downtime: Equipment is at a job site for a longer than expected time. Employees are unaware that it has come time for the scheduled maintenance. The equipment breaks down because it was not properly maintained and now it is not available for use.

Know where your equipment goes: Once your equipment is rented, see where it is going and how long it is being used.

Disable starter: The equipment rental agreement has expired but you are not ready to pick up the equipment. Stop unauthorized use of equipment remotely from your computer by disabling the starter.

In the deadness and darkness of a bustling construction job, a criminal can break in at night and steal thousands of dollars worth of expensive equipment. However, with A GPS Tracking Device, you can be instantly notified that your equipment is on the move and track it for recovery! Our GPS trackers are the perfect solution for all kinds of equipment you need to track when it's taken including heavy equipment, tool shacks, trailers, storage containers, office trailers, rentals, vehicles and even safes.

FlexTrack On Demand
Live Vehicle Locator

Guaranteed Low
Price of $299.99*

*Airtime Charges Apply



  • Real Time Live Locator. Track right from your computer. Monitor speed and location from home, work, anywhere that you can connect to the Internet

  • Wire in for permanent installation

  • Get Email Text Notifications that the driver is speeding or has entered/left a restricted area

  • Low Monitoring Rates Available. Pay as you use rates as low as 25 cents per locate.

  • Satellite Images with Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth

  • FlexTrackTM  comes all necessary equipment for installation and monitoring and with a 1 year warranty

  • All-inclusive package

  • Discrete Black Case

  • Works in US, Canada and Mexico


Mini FlexTrack
Live Personal Tracker


Guaranteed Low
Price of $249.99

*Airtime Charges Apply



  • No installation necessary. Charge and use the Internal Lithium Ion Battery or you can wire in for permanent installation.

  • Real Time Live Tracker. Track right from your computer. Get 1, 2, or 5 minute updates. Monitor speed and location from home or work or anywhere you can connect online.

  • Optional Rubber and ABS weatherproof case with magnet available to secure unit underneath car.

  • Get Email Text Notifications that the driver is speeding or has entered/left a restricted area (great for knowing if fleet is seeing that person that they should not be)

  • No contracts required.

  • Low Monitoring Rates Available.

  • Satellite Images with Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth

  • Works Worldwide!


To speak to a sales representative or to receive a quote please call us at

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