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Elderly and Alzheimer's / Dementia GPS Tracking Locator Watch

Have you ever been informed that your elderly family member with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia has driven off and disappeared? It is even worse because you have no way of knowing if your family member is safe. Do they get disoriented when they drive and you just need to locate them? If you are concerned about the safety of an elderly loved one, a GPS Locator System can provide you with peace of mind. GPS tracking lets you monitor the movements of a person or car from a distance and be prepared in case of an emergency. It allows your family member to continue to lead a normal life while you are assured that their safety—your concern, is well monitored and taken care of. A GPS Locator Watch allows you to monitor their whereabouts and progress without excessive intruding into their privacy. The GPS Systems will not only pinpoint the location of your loved one, but can contact or send an e-mail to let you know when your loved one has gone astray. A simple installation and you can sleep soundly, knowing your loved one is safe.

Freedom GPS locator watch has been designed exclusively to address the adults at-risk market, whether this is a health related issue or employment related.

Freedom GPS locator is aimed specifically at adults and seniors with health issues, such as Alzheimer’s sufferers and Dementia.

Unique featuring of the GPS Locator Watch is extended use of the dot matrix LCD for communication / messaging and panic button.

One of the early signs of dementia is the urge to wander. Sufferers rely upon familiarity for security so the watch design gives familiarity and is therefore most likely to be worn. If a wearer gets lost, they tend to panic so the panic button and messaging reassures the wearer that their loved ones know they are lost and are coming for them.

Freedom GPS Locator Watch


Guaranteed Low Price of $599.99*
*A $10.00 or $35.00 per month airtime charge will apply at activation

Package contents are:

  • Locator Watch

  • Mobile RF Receiver

  • Charging Base unit for RF Receiver and Watch

• Same size and look as a normal wrist watch
• Easy to use GPS/GSM locator
• Works with mobile RF Receiver
• Panic Button on watch
• LCD for communication / messaging
• WRU Button on RF Receiver
• Water Resistant - Splash Proof
• Estimated battery life 30 days when used with RF Receiver



The Locator Watch uses both RF and GSM technology to communicate position data.

While The GPS Locator Watch is within RF range of the mobile RF Receiver, kept by the caregiver, 30m indoors, 200m outdoors, the watch is in proximity (The RF range is configurable).

If the GPS Locator watch and receiver become separated, out of the set proximity, an alarm sounds on the RF Receiver, the watch then connects to the GSM network and sends its position to the caregiver by email and/or SMS message.

When the watch and receiver are back in proximity the GSM is disabled on the GPS Locator Watch. While out of proximity the watch will respond to “wru”, “safezone” and “live track” requests.

A secure customer portal is available on the internet and will be accessible worldwide from any PC. Each user will have a user name and password and will have the ability to request and display the person’s location as an icon on Google maps with street address and postal code. The technology is accessible at home, abroad or on holiday from any computer or mobile phone.

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